How to get your mojo back? Yeah, baby, yeah!

Austin Powers LEGO Minifig

Recently I’ve lost my Mojo for a variety of different activities which I used to really enjoy. Band-jo, newsletter-jo, flying-jo and even my Lego-jo. The loss of the enthusiasm was bad enough. I have actually not been enjoying them when I do them. So struggling to turn up and then not much fun when I get there. So I’ve set about to find out what might have happened to me. Is it time to move on? Is it just that what I’m doing doesn’t ring true? Or is there some way to get it back.

So what is Mojo anyway?

To my surprise defines it as

mojo – noun

  1. the art or practice of casting magic spells; magic; voodoo
  2. an object, as an amulet or charm, that is believed to carry a magic spell

Wow getting it back sound be easy I just need to do a spell or two and carry an amulet.
Then I decided to look at the urban dictionary maybe I would get the definition that I am looking for. My favourite one was


  1. What Mike Myers keeps going on about
  2. The one who tries to stop the Powerpuff Girls from saving the day
  3. A person’s charm

Unfortunately, these definitions don’t seem to capture what I call mojo. So here is my definition.

The joy, enthusiasm and passion that you have for an activity. Anticipation for the activity and enjoyment of the activity.

Why does Mojo disappear?

I’m sure that it disappears for different reasons for different people for different activities. Sometimes it disappears for a short time while other things become priorities. It can be lost completely never to return. You may have grown apart from it or the activity itself has changed and no longer aligns with you. Maybe you have had a bad experience with it and you need a little time to heal or explore other things. It could be that you don’t have the time or space to do the activity.

How to get Mojo back?

Rewind to the beginning

Get back to the roots of why you were passionate about it. Build a project that you know you can build. Listen to tracks that always make you happy. Fly a path that has great memories.


Listen to podcasts, read books, go to meetings, throw yourself back in like there is no tomorrow. Get inspired by blogs, Instagram, Pinterest or even your own old projects. Get that music out that’s in the cupboard and play it loud.

Permission to walk away

Ok, so you tried immersion and it isn’t inspiring you. Walk away, take a break, if it doesn’t feel right it isn’t the right time. You might give it a week, a month, a year or 10 years it doesn’t matter.

Support activities

There is a physical reason why you don’t have mojo. You don’t have the space you need or a purpose for the activity. So build a cabinet to house your creations. Clean the office or workshop to have room to do the activity. Or dedicate a time can help get you going.


Explore what part of the activity gives you passion now. You might like to sew clothes usually, try making a bag instead. Try playing classical music instead of rock. You might want to play soccer and training during the week and playing on the weekend is doing your head in. Play 6 aside during the week or organise social games instead. Maybe that’s all you need to get your mojo back. Same same but different.


Find something else that you have mojo about. It could be related or completely different. If you feel like you need to be creative take a course in something different that you wouldn’t normally do. Expand areas of mojo so you aren’t reliant on one activity. Alternatives are a great way to increase your overall mojo.

Talk about it

So I wasn’t sure about this one but I have given it a go. I’ll let you know if it works.

Just do it

Get out of your head and just do it. Sometimes it’s hard to get started when you don’t have the anticipation of the activity giving you joy. If you do complete something you will get a kind of satisfaction. This leads to an increase of mojo for the next time you line up the activity.


So have I got my mojo back? Sort of. I’ve been doing a fair bit of alternative-jo. Like sew-jo and gardening-jo. I’ve just written this newsletter so I’ve done some ‘Just do it’ and ‘Talk about it’. The band-jo is still a work in progress but I have given myself permission to walk away. My music-jo is still intact. I have been listening to James Reyne, Ray Brown, Oscar Peterson and Madness and they have all been giving me joy. Having all the -jo’s firing at once might be a bit too much to ask. So as long as some of them are on the go. I will be happy. Nurturing on an ongoing basis keeps the mojo going.


Thanks to ‘Love to Sew’ podcast who did an episode on losing sew-jo. It highlighted what I was feeling about a lot of things for a while and gave me a starting point for exploring mojo.


One of the signs of depression is a lack of enjoyment in usually enjoyable activities. If you have concerns that your lack of mojo is impacting your life. Go to visit your doctor or check out beyondblue to find out more.