Hi, I'm Filita Barker.

Do you have a project to manage?
I facilitate your meetings and workshops
to get positive actionable results.
I'm here to make you look good.

"I help make your meetings efficient and productive."

Are you a Project Manager, Leader or Key Decision Maker?

Do you question why some projects work and others don't work?
Do you see projects fail in the same way over and over again?
Do you always seem to be blindsided by problems?

What does using my approach to project meetings give you?

Participant Engagement

risk identification

Goal Alignment

Cross Pollination of Ideas

Action Plan Creation

Understanding of the impacts of decisions

What I do: Facilitate outcome driven project meetings and workshops

I specialise in facilitating meetings and workshops that produce actionable outcomes with efficiency and energy. I provide an environment for exploration and experimentation.

I make the meeting process streamlined freeing you up to get on with what you do best and to contribute as a participant, not a facilitator.

What I don't do: Tell you how to run your project or business

My role isn't to tell you what you should do. It's to get the participants to be prepared, engaged and aligned.

If you want someone to tell you the answers I'm not your lady. If you want someone who brings the best out of everyone and gives everyone a voice then you've come to the right place.

What are my values: To get the best out of the people

I believe that my role is to draw out the knowledge and ideas of the participants to generate enthusiasm and shared learning.

I want you to have the best possible meetings and workshops.

Are we made for each other?

Liking what you see so far?

We're a perfect match if

  • You're willing to be honest
  • You want meetings with engagement and passion
  • You are excited to make a change
  • You're ready for well prepared meetings
  • You want independence
  • You want well-defined problems and actionable outcomes

I'm not for people

  • Who already know everything
  • Who want it done the same way as always
  • Who are paying lip service
  • Who have already made up their minds on how things should be done

So you are thinking this is great, What happens now

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Just a couple of nice things clients and colleagues have written about me

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Filita is a great joy to work with! Positive, driven and alway has a keen eye for spotting problems. I had a great pleasure of working with her on a highly complex UX project and I observed with awe in Filita's ability to deconstruct a problem and quickly identify tangible solutions. I'd highly recommend Filita who's looking for a skilled design practitioner with exceptional presentation skills.
Alice Zhong Design Practicitioner

I was Filita's client for an online sustainability resource. We were impressed at how much of the complex content and concepts they were able to grasp in a rather short time frame. The deliverables went "above and beyond" by prioritising our proposed features according to the users' needs. Upon reflection, this was the most valuable information we didn't know we needed.

Tobias Robinson Architect

We recently engaged Filita to help us... Filita briefed us on the entire process all the way through the timeframe and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. The information we received was nothing short of amazing. We can’t recommend Filita highly enough.

Vic Gigliotti CEO - Muscle Republic

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Located in Sunny Cromer on the Sydney Northern Beaches.

Call me: +61 (0) 422 484 868

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